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This class is on-going, and any of y’all can jump in for even one class. Unlike OC I, each class does not build on the other, so you won’t have been missing out.

This "in-between" class is intended for actors who have gone through OC I and don't feel ready or don't have the time required for On Camera II. It is a regular “workout” for that actor who wants to stay fit without a huge time commitment. It is a great class for sharpening/refining what you already have, and simply getting more comfortable in that space in front of the camera.

 I will work with each of you from where they are at. You can go at your own pace. Each week you will have a new scene to bring in. Unless, you wanna go slower and stick with a scene for a couple weeks. The scenes will be selected to support foundational learning unless you feel you wanna take on something more difficult. It really will be up to you. 

On Camera Acting 1.5 - The Tweener Class
@ The Shoebox Theatre 2110 SE 10th Ave, 97214
Limited to 8 Actors
Dates: Ongoing. Classes announced each week.
Time: TBA
The total cost is: $35 per class

All work is filmed, reviewed and discussed - time permitting.

For Venmo Payment account: 323-819-9622, or @tedrooney
(Other payment options available)

For questions contact me at:

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