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Hey all. It is that time of year. I have only taught OC III once maybe twice a year, but I wish I had more time for this class because it is so much fun. I am typically holding actors back from character work in my other classes and encouraging them to bring more of themselves. But this is your chance to go as far as you want to go with morphing yourself into another person/being. When I talk about stretching your sphere of comfort, this is that class. This kind of stretching opportunity typically happens in theatre oriented classes. But, here we continue gearing the work for camera. The challenge is in changing your physical, vocal and/or emotional reality without loosing believability. To do so, YOU need to be along for the ride. It is uniting craft with truth. Practicing the different behavior until you can “own” it. The on-going conversation in this class is all about how such a feat can be accomplished.


Come play, take risks, fall flat and push through the awkward phase to get to that elusive place in the headspace (and the body) of the character!




On Camera Acting III (Character Acting)  

Online via Zoom for 7 weeks

Dates: October 27th - December 15th (No class on Thanksgiving Day)

Time: Thursdays, 6:30 - 9:30pm

The total cost is $295


This class is for either advanced actors or actors who have been through OC I and OC II.

It was designed to be a continuation of those two classes.

Moving beyond yourself in the given circumstances - the bread and butter of an on camera actor -

the focus here is on stretching the actor’s sphere of comfort to include previously foreign behavior.

Whether it is with an different voice, personality, or movement,

character work is “owning” those differences. Bringing life to them.

It is stepping into the skin of someone who walks and talks unlike yourself.

Techniques in accomplishing this are discussed and practiced.

With my assistance, each actor decides how much they want to stretch and with what kind of material.

All work is filmed and (time permitting) viewed and discussed.


A 100 dollar deposit registers you.

The balance ($195) is due by the second class.

Venmo via: 323-819-9622.

(Ask for other payment options)

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