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Advanced On Camera Scene Study

Scene Study is currently announced on a week to week basis. Mostly these classes are held during the week daytime, but sometimes in the evening. Check in with Ted iff you are interested, or to be added to this mailing list.


Advanced Scene Study 

21ten Theatre: 2110 SE 10th Ave 97214
Limited to 8 actors
TBA on a weekly basis
Cost: $30 Payment reserves your spot

Venmo is preferred. Pay Venmo via: 323-819-9622 or @tedrooney or cash in person

This class is especially tailored to actors who have already been through the OC I and II classes. However, it is open to anyone who would be considered an advanced on camera actor. If I don’t know an actors work, I will need to see something on tape or in person before they join.

As soon as you sign up, we will work together to find a script for you. 
You can partner with someone in class, if you like, or go it alone. 
If alone, someone else in the class will serve as your “informed reader”.
It is really up to you what to work on. You could work on an “out there” character to stretch yourself,  or something right up your alley to get more comfortable in your realm of cast-ability - comedy or drama…The hope for the script is that it is something you have not viewed…at least not recently.  As most of you know, I have lots of options to throw your way, if you let me know what you have in mind working on. Actors are expected to bring in their work "camera ready." That means off book, loosely staged, and raring to go - unless the actor wants to work in “audition format."
All work is filmed. Each actor receives their weekly video files. 

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