NEW Location: 


2110 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Original Location:

305 SE 3rd Ave, 4th Floor, Port. 97214

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I offer all levels of on-camera acting classes.


Join Me at The New Studio -
Covid Safety Precautions Carefully Observed

I will be moving back into the studio for classes starting May 10th. The new studio is much larger, by the way, which will make proper distancing very do-able. I have received my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine. 

I am excited to be in-person teaching again. Though I will miss working with Zoom, as I have really become comfortable with it and dig having students from all over the country, there are obvious compromises. Aside from students not being able to act in a scene with a live human, the feeling of community takes a hit by not being in person (e.g., the last night of in-person class we would always hang out at a nearby locale and I would meet with each student one-on-one). 

I hope to see you there!


On Camera Acting I
7 weeks In Person Class
Limited to 10 Actors
Dates: Mondays May 10th - June 21st
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
The total cost is: $320 (Flexible payment options, available)
$100 Registration
Auditing the first class is free to non-participating auditors ($20 to participate).

OC I is a great transitional class for theatre actors and an excellent foundational class for brand new actors.
Beginning with improv and easing into scripted scene work, this is a relaxed,
fun approach to getting comfortable being yourself using your imagination in front of the camera.
The objective of the class is to establish the foundations of a process that emphasizes
simply listening and talking - being "in your skin" - as opposed to in your head.
All work is filmed, reviewed and discussed - time permitting.

A 100 dollar deposit registers you (please shoot me an email, as well). 

The deposit can be refunded up until 48 hours before the first class.
The rest of the payment ($220) is then due by the second class.
For Venmo Payment account: 323-819-9622, or @tedrooney
(Other payment options available)
For questions contact me at: Ted Rooney acted@att.net

Rooney / Totman Studio @ The Shoebox 2110 SE 10th Ave 97214


Deepening Your Acting Process

**On Camera Acting II - In Person

7 weeks Limited to 10 actors

Dates: May 11th to June 22th

Time: Tuesdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm

The total cost is $295

The class is specially tailored to actors who have already been through the OC I class.

Though this is not a requirement, actors need to have the fundamental abilities that OC I covers.

If I don’t know an actors work, I will need to see some work on tape or in person.

Moving beyond "being in your skin" and finding simplicity on camera, here the focus is on

rehearsal process, the "headspace" of the character, script analysis, and auditioning.

Actors are expected to up the ante, as we get into the hard work of acting.

Know that this class will require more outside time than OC I.

All work is filmed and (time permitting) viewed and discussed.

A 100 dollar deposit holds a spot. The balance ($195) is due by the second class.

Venmo via: 323-819-9622, or @tedrooney.

(Other methods are available.)

To register or for questions contact me at: acted@att.net

Rooney / Totman Studio @ The Shoebox 2110 SE 10th Ave 97214


Drop in Zoom Class - One Week - One Scene

Advanced Scene Study

Hosted by Ted Via Zoom

Limited to 8 actors

6:30pm - 9:30pm

This is a weekly class on Wednesdays

Cost: 25 bucks

This class is specially tailored to actors who have already been through the OC I and II classes.

However, it is open to anyone who would be considered an advanced on-camera actor.

If I don’t know an actor's work, I will need to see something on tape or in person before they may join.

As soon as you sign up, we will work together to find a script for you.

You can partner with someone in class, if you like, or go it alone.

If alone, someone else in the class will serve as your “informed reader”.

It is really up to you what to work on. You could work on an “out there” character to stretch yourself,

or something right up your alley to get more comfortable in your realm of castability - comedy or drama…

The hope for the script is that it is something you have not viewed…at least not recently.

As most of you know, I have lots of options to throw your way, if you let me know what you have in mind working on.

Actors are expected to bring in their work "camera ready."

That means off-book, loosely staged, and raring to go - unless the actor wants to work in “audition format."

All work is filmed. Each actor receives their weekly video files.

Time permitting, the work is viewed and discussed

The full payment of $25 reserves your spot.

Venmo is preferred and Paypal works.

Venmo via: 323-819-9622 or @tedrooney

Paypal address: twrooney@pacbell.net (Choose Friends or Family to avoid surcharge).


Join Us

All Actorcises are one-time two-hour workshops set up to practice cold reading for the camera. I host these classes and varied days and times each week. Contact me if you wanna know the times I have for the coming week or if you would like to e put on the Actocise mailing.

Each actor gets to work on two scenes. It is a way for actors to stay in shape - like a quick workout. Your 10 bucks holds your spot. Email me for confirmation.

You don’t need any software to join. Just a solid internet connection and a fairly well-lit room. It works on smartphones as well as computers. You may print out your scene and hold it or pull it up on your computer screen near the camera. The video camera should be at about eye level. I will be sending scenes out just before class time along with your Zoom invitation.

I plan on hosting as many as two of these per week going forward. Mondays and Thursdays (mornings or evenings).


Ted is the kindest, most patient acting teacher I have ever encountered. Over the course of two years, I took lessons with him privately and in his classes. He has forever shaped my approach to on-camera work by teaching me how to do less, less, less until I finally understood how to be a presence on film.

I cannot recommend Ted Rooney's acting classes enough. His style is caring, gentle, but pointed. Genius! As a former Casting Director, as a Producer and Director, THIS is the class to take, my actor friends.

Hadley Boyd

Christine Autrand White

Taking Teds class was the best thing I have done for my acting aspirations and for myself. He is hands on and knowledgeable but also his authenticity and care make his class extremely fun. Learn to act from the heart and as a side effect live more from your core as well.

Excellent acting coach. And - even more rarely - excellent acting business coach. Learned a ton about acting on camera and about how to be a professional actor.

Laurel Cullen

Darius Pierce