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21ten Theatre 

2110 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214


This is the home of Portland Film Acting Classes taught by me,
Ted Rooney.

Here, you can gain the skills and experience necessary to turn your passion into a career - or you could simply pursue artistic expression  and self-discovery through learning the craft of acting. I have been an actor all of my life and an on-camera actor for 30 years. I starting teaching acting for the camera over ten years ago with the challenge of meeting each actor where they are at (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and helping them to grow / move forward.

My philosophy is that acting is very personal and requires an availability, integrity and honesty that can be practiced when in a welcoming, safe environment. I believe that for anyone who comes as a "functioning human being", good acting (not great acting, mind you) is very close at hand; that initially our greatest task is to get out of our own way (our head) so we can practice what we are already capable of doing. The first step is to bring who we are into that space in front of the camera. 

On the other hand, I know that great acting requires an enormous amount of hard work and determination.

The ultimate win for good and great actors is: living in the given circumstance; living in the "headspace of the character"; aka, first person story apposed to being very aware that you are an actor acting like something is happening when it is not (Or, as I have heard it called, "schmacting").

Through it all, I strive to help create an atmosphere of fun and comraderie in the classroom. Come play!

Ted is the kindest, most patient acting teacher I have ever encountered. Over the course of two years, I took lessons with him privately and in his classes. He has forever shaped my approach to on-camera work by teaching me how to do less, less, less until I finally understood how to be a presence on film.

Hadley Boyd

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